Professional Investors & Lenders

Are you a professional investor, fund manager, or lender, with an interest in funding UK and Overseas Property developments? We appreciate that you want to be presented with good projects that are ready for funding – and that’s where we come in, with options for direct funding

We select and appraise high quality residential, commercial, and developments   around the UK and Overseas, so you can choose which of our development partners to offer terms of finance to. We have successfully structured joint ventures within our network, and have placed debt and equity funding into projects from £2m to £50m.

To find out more about offering terms of funding for live projects, simply get in touch with us on : 0203 808 4325or



Rexton Capital Limited engages with property developers, and with professional investors and lenders, to structure development finance for qualified property developers across the UK and overseas

The minimum commitment from each funding partner is £200,000 and the average project value is £5m for the UK and £10m which often comes from a single funding line. Supported developments include residential developments, commercial, and student housing projects with durations of 12-24 months.

Each development submitted to us is expected to meet certain criteria such as minimum profit-on-cost (before finance costs) of 25% or more, and we make this key information available to funding partners as part of a detailed project review. We operate as a central office for lenders & equity partners to access new client-listings across the UK.



Each project we list is a UK or Overseas-based property development with typical values between £2mil – £50mil and with a typical uplift of 30% or greater.

For debt-based funding requests the developer will generally contribute 10% or greater of the total project costs as equity. Funding partners will generally propose a single or blended facility to meet the borrower’s key funding objective.

For blended finance and joint-venture funding, the developer will source the project and carry out full construction management, in exchange for sharing the project returns with funding partners. This may involve a full joint-venture, or a mixture of debt and equity, as agreed between the developer and the funding partners.



Projects submitted to Rexton Capital Limited generally receive offers of funding from development finance lenders and fund managers, professional investors, and financial advisers– though only once they are approved and registered to access project listings.

This means that family offices, funds, brokers, specialist and general lenders, and professional investors, may propose funding solutions that best suit their unique operational profile. As each development is different, such broad and varied models for funding are welcomed!

Notably, as borrowers are expected to be a limited company structure, any offers of finance can generally be considered a business loan or professional investment.



We engage with property developers across the UK and Overseas and we select only those projects that show credibility, and potential for performance – and these are appraised and discussed with our funding network.

As a registered lender or investor, you are introduced to the developer’s profile and their project, and you can request further information before submitting indicative terms of finance or investment.

The project profile indicates the type of funding the developer is seeking, so you can propose finance terms to those listings that best fit with your lending or investing criteria. The borrower ultimately chooses which indicative offer or offers to discuss further, and will provide additional personal and project information as is necessary for your due diligence requirements.
Please note that Rexton Capital Limited cannot advise you on whether you should invest in a particular project, as each investor’s personal circumstance is different, and you should seek advice from a financial adviser or similar if in doubt.