What we value

Great service

We take time to understand the needs of our customers and then we aim to meet those needs. They may need a fast lending decision to move quickly on a site. They may need flexibility when a build encounters an unforeseen challenge. It could be as simple as the need to make sure we’re always available, helpful and friendly when we answer the phone. Our customers’ needs may change, but our attitude to great service doesn’t.


We are a diverse team of different characters, but we all share a common trait: we all specialize in development finance lending and each of us is passionate about the part we play in our business.


We may not be able to lend on every project but we certainly try and if we are not able to lend, we don’t leave our customers waiting for a decision. Put simply, we are a willing lender with an enthusiastic approach. That’s why our customers come back to us with their next project. That’s why we’ve been working with some of our customers since inception.


Development finance lending is not a remote process, it’s hands-on. We get to know our customers and their projects. We talk and meet with them regularly; we are open to their new ideas and feedback, we watch their developments build up from their plans. We are excited when new homes are created that we have helped to fund. We are involved every step of the way.

Building success

We understand that the best route to success is by creating prosperity and opportunities for our customers, our partners, our investors and our team; our business is to help them build and grow, as they prosper, so do we.