Take on big orders without shelling out so much cash from your own sources.

If you cannot issue an L/C on your own sources or you have you been turned down by your bank because you are new company, or you have not the best financials, or you have a bad credit history, or have you just exhausted your all facilities with your bank, Rexton Capital can help you with unsecured import finance facility to take on bigger orders from your customers.

We have got you covered!

Rexton Capital is here to assist you to get the instrument you need to import your goods no collateral and no credit checks.

We can assist you to bridge the gap to facilitate your imports by arranging an unsecured import finance facility from one of our various international banks without affecting your current facility with your bank.

By using our sources, we’ll facilitate a suitable bank instrument on your behalf, without taking any collateral or blocking your cash!

We help clients who are in the business of importing, exporting, trading, manufacturing, and other stakeholders worldwide to expand their businesses by taking advantage of our unsecured import facilities.

We facilitate the financial instruments below from our international banking sources:

  • Letters of Credit at Sight
  • Demand Guarantees
  • Usance Letters of Credit
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Pre-Advice Message
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Comfort Letters
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Ready Willing and Able (RWA) Messages 

Our required Documents:

We require the following information to finalizing the transaction:

  1. Completelyfilled in Application form
  2. PerformaInvoice for DLC and Verbiage for SBLC & BG
  3. CompanyTrade License or Certificate of Incorporation
  4. ShareHolders List
  5. Passportcopy of main signatory
  6. Audited accounts if available

Our issuance Procedure:

  1. When we receive the above documents our underwriters will assess the transaction and select the issuing bank to draft the instrument for the client to review and when the draft is approved by the client, we will send out the closing procedure along with the offer to client.
  2. Upon closing the transaction our Financial Institution will issue and relay the instrument through swift within 2-4 working days and simultaneously they will send you the issued copy through email for client’s reference and record.

Note: The charges will depend on the value of the Financial Instrument, Tenure, Issuing Bank.

Send your request to: info@rextoncapital.com